Anyone had their testosterone levels tested while on IGF-1?

  1. Anyone had their testosterone levels tested while on IGF-1?

    I read one company's add for LR3 IGF-1. It seemed to claim that is returned testosterone levels back to normal, post or mid cycle. Has anyone done a base line blood test and run IGF-1 solo to seen if their T levels went up above their normal? Or blood work during their cycle to see if levels went up to normal?

    "Reverses testicular atrophy
    Testicles if shrunken will return to “full swing” so to speak even in the middle of a cycle. If not shrunken they will not shrink during the cycle. This may explain partially why gains are kept after the cycle. "

  2. i dont see how that could be but i've heard it before. i think the reason it solidifies gains while on cycle is because:

    1. the gains you make on igf are "real" and dont really go away real easy

    2. most juice upregulates IGF receptors so the IGF works even better, and i'm sure there is some synergy when cycling

  3. Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    i dont see how that could be but i've heard it before.
    I guess I should have asked if that statement from one company selling LR3 IGF-1 is true and what data if any is there? Other than "users report full swing" LOL.

    Personally, I feel like it might do as they claim, but I would like to see if it is true. Maybe LR3 IGF-1 stimultes LH or some other hormones.


  4. Just an opinion, but I would feel growth hormone would go this, not so much as LR3
    That being said, I'll be damned if I didn't notice an increadable "comeback" when I used pGH and LR3 a few days before PCT and throughout.
    Of course I included LR3 in my next PCT, and noticed a little fullness overnight, but after a week or 2, that feeling subsided. -lol,.. also got chubby when I pinned... and I don't mean fat

    BUT- heres the kicker,
    GH pulses signal LOH output. And bepending on the length of that pulse, the result is different (I forget exacty).
    Now, Increasing GH output about 5 times daily would definately mimic the bodies rythm pretty closely (exact times excluded... that depends on you).

    What part , if any, IGF plays in that role I do not recall.

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