MGF timing

  1. MGF timing

    Hey guys.

    First off , i wanna say what a great informative board about Peptides and all this is. Im glad to be a part of it.

    My question is, im about to start My GH ,IGF cycle along with some anabolic steroids.

    GH is gonna be splitted in 2ius in the morning before breakfast and 2ius after training for a total of 4iu daily

    IGF --2 doses of 20-25 mcgs 3 times per week same times as GH ..actually 20 minutes after i take my GH.

    Now, my question is i wanna throw MGF in the mix ..what doses and when should i take it ? at the same times i take my GH and IGF??

    Thank you.

  2. I would change up your protocal a little....This is a protocol I picked up from Gavin Kane:

    HGH: pwo 3x week 10-15ius
    IGF-1: #x week, 15mcgs in morning, 15 mcgs afternoon, 30mcgs pwo.
    MGF: 2x week 200mcgs per shot (any two non workout days space apart through the week.)

    The key is to take the amount of growth hormone you would usually take throughout the week on an everyday basis and split these doses up in 3 day increments. Any more Q's let me know.

    Will you be using insulin? just curious...if so add it in pwo also.

  3. Thanks man . no slin for me just yet. However I'll be taking Metformin on my cheat days and after high carb meals.

    You suggested MGF 200mcg 2 per week what time of the day would be more appropiate to take it??

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