GH and Nutrient Timing

  1. GH and Nutrient Timing

    Hey guys, just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of some info regarding GH and nutrient timing. More specifically eating around times of dosing. Sorry to bother but im having a hard time finding what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.

  2. i get best results on an empty stomach. i either use it first thing am, or if i wake up in the early am to pee, i shoot it then.

    it works better for me this way. i have done it with meals, and have not noticed the same results.

    igf1 is the peptide that is more dependent on nutrient timing though.

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    Thanks for the input Natty. Thats what I was looking for. I'm assuming this relates to insulin levels?

  4. yeah. i actually got fatter when taking the gh right with a high carb breakfast.

    i take a glucophase XR with every meal to help the slin sensitivity thing. some use metformin for this. when you are igf too the slin sensitivity thing is no big deal.

  5. There is a natural increase in GH at night as well. I don't have enough knowledge yet on the subject to give you facts or taking it at night. Maybe Grunt76 can help you out with this. I'll shoot him a PM.

  6. As posted above, you get a natural spike within the first few hours of falling asleep. GH is normally only released from the pituitary when the blood sugar levels are low. If after the GH release blood sugar levels rise enough to trigger insulin, the liver uses the insulin and the GH to synthesize IGF-1 and release it in the bloodstream.

    So the question then becomes what do you take your GH for.

    If you want pure fatloss, then early-morning a few hours before eating, will work best, as well as sometime around your workout. If you want to take GH for muscle gain, follow injections with meals. If you are taking GH for rejuvenation, any of these will work.

  7. So for muscle gains you say eat then pin?

  8. No wait read that wrong pin then eat. Doesn't ingesting carbs ruin your and that's the idea with using slin shortly after you hgh?

  9. if you are going for size and want to eat right after the shot you can combine a little bit of igf (10-15mcg will work) with the shot. this will negate any insulin sensitivity issues.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wideguy
    No wait read that wrong pin then eat. Doesn't ingesting carbs ruin your and that's the idea with using slin shortly after you hgh?
    Yes the whole idea is the good ole GH & Slin stack, albeit much safer since it's your body's own slin being supplied.
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    Thanks guys. I'm fairly lean right now and It's pretty easy for me to put on mass without unwanted fat. I got lucky in that department. So it will be mainly for gains and general health. Next go round LR3 will definitely be in the mix. Perhaps it would be best for me to pin then eat.


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