bridging with IGF

  1. bridging with IGF

    for those of you who used IGF into PCT and then as a partial bridge between cycles to maintain gains,

    wondering when and at what dosing you use it for as well as what your success has been

    i'm planning on ending a 6 week superdrol/test suspension cycle with 40MG E3D for the first two weeks starting five days before the cycle ends, then 20mg E3D of IGF for another 2 weeks,

    me: 5'8", 190lbs at 8-9% bf

    your thoughts.........

  2. I'm guessing you mean 40mcg, or you have a job I really want. Ideal setup is 2 weeks before cycle, into two weeks of the cycle. Then off for AT least 2 preferably 4 weeks, then back on for post cycle therapy.
    I have run 80mcg post workout, bilateral into lagging part ED. Start 2 weeks before your cycle ends, into PCT. I however am 6'4, 260 and mid teens for fat. I don't know if I made it better or worse for you!
    Maybe search for "bookending" as that was a post of mine a while back.

    As for maintaining gains, I keep most of my strength, but lose some size after PCT. More than likely due to dumping of water.

  3. thanks bro!

    just wondering about the two week timing thing you reference, could you give a brief scientific explanation of why this works best? or maybe it is just what you have found works best for you, which is just as valuable to me too.

    really looking for anything that is safe that i can use to keep making small gains or at least not lose anything during my pct, i only do 6 week cycles and they aren't that nuts so shouldn't be too hard....

  4. The more frequently you use IGF and the higher the dose, the fast your receptors will downregulate and eventually the IGF will have no effects.

    The 2-4 weeks allows your body to readjust and let your receptors become refreshed.

  5. just ordered my igf, have about 10 more weeks ahead of me while on test cyp, planning on doing for first 3 weeks, then 5 weeks off, then last 2 weeks of cycle and going (hopefully it will continue to work!) another 2 weeks into pct, plan on doing 20mcg E3D post workout,

    super excited to run it after all this hype, lets see how this stuff works!

    stay tuned.....

  6. how long do you guys think a pre loaded pin of igf would be good for if it was not refrigerated (ie: thrown in a gym bag) ???

  7. A LONG time, as long as you don't dilute it with BW.

  8. thanks bro, i just found that in another post, damnit

    thanks tho

    i'll let you all know how this goes


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