lr3 IGF vs PEG MGF

  1. lr3 IGF vs PEG MGF

    so if I could only use 1 and my goal is sitespecific growth[time frame not important] what should I use? Id also use with AAS[anavar] and an insulin type product maybe AP OR berbine?

  2. Both theyre synergistic.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by somewhatgifted
    Both theyre synergistic.
    -24-2006, 02:16 AM

    Since Long R3 IGF-1 is localized and binds to the closest receptors first, is it ideal to rotate the point of injection within a single muscle? In other words, if one is injecting pecs, should he just always inject in the center of the pectoral or should he sometimes inject on the upper portion, sometimes on the lower, etc? Thanks.

    It is not ONLY localized. It was first designed to be a systemic drug and it will have some degree of systemic effect no matter what we do. Some slight systemic effect should be preferred, as it will help maintain tendons, cartilage, bone, internal organs and most soft tissue in good repair. The rest of the effect we want in the muscle. Too much systemic effec means that some of the LBM we are gaining comes from enlarged abdominal organs. I feel that rotating injection sites within a muscle is no effort at all, so why not.

    seem to both

  4. Well, BOTH the peg-mgf and LR3 are systemic in nature.
    So, for site specific, you don't gain an advantage using one over the other.
    Sure, you have some increase in local binding when you shoot, yet IMO you need to shoot after working out, or do it when oyu have a pump going so that a larger concentration will be held in the muscle tissue for longer.
    This is just in general.

    I feel in your particular situation, the peg-mgf would be of the most bennifit for you based on you planning to use an insulin product already. LR3 and slin can produce the same type effect, and I beleive share some some of the same receptors, while MGF does not.

    Choosing LR3, whil there may be a synergistic effect wuth both the slin and LR3, since your getting that effect already, I'd go with mgf.
    but, there are more informed members on this board that could chime in on this for you.....
    but you must click your heals 3 times while repeating "There's no place like home, There's no place like home".. (watch out for the house....)

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