Clonidine for HGH bloat

  1. Clonidine for HGH bloat

    Supposedly its supposed to help a lot with GH bloat when taken at .2mg every 12hrs. Has anyone tried it?

  2. i take clonidine to sleep deeper sometimes and think you might be mixing something up

    there is a clonidine which also has a diuretic in it... straight up clonidine works through a diff pathway though. i don't really see how it would red gh bloat. gh bloat is largely related to elev prolactin

    personally i take either vitex or dostinex to help with prolactin related bloat from gh. they seem to work fairly well.

  3. I got this from another board:

    I dont understand how clonidine is used for sleep OR Gh bloat. Clonidine is used for acute hypertension to quickly reduce blood pressure, its not a diuretic so would help with bloat and I dont know how it would be useful as a sleep aid.

    IIRC Clonidine lowers ADH levels which go up on GH.

    Edit, from quick google search:

    I have also been injecting HGH (IV instead of subq for increase bioavaila- bility) for the past 12 months. I would like to warn people with coronary problems about the one potentially serious side effect of HGH use. The water retension from HGH is due to increased secretion of ADH (anti- diuretic hormone) from the posterior pituitary. This hormonal relationship is not in any medical literature. However, it must be true, because the water retension and hypertension are easily controlled by .2mg of clonidine q 12 hours (personal experience). Clonidine's primary action is retarding ADH secretion. ACE inhibitors have no effect, which means that angiotensin and sodium retention are not part of the problem.

  4. maybe it does something... i do seem a little more ripped when i am using the clonidine

    i would only take it at night, as it does make you feel tired. also you need to get your bloodpressure checked alot to make sure you aren't getting it too low... symptoms of that would be lightheadedness, getting dizzy.

  5. I have long searched for the answer to and the solution for GH water retention. Thats an interesting post. Would love to hear some of the gurus chime in on this one.



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