Different colored tops.

  1. Different colored tops.

    I am thinking of giving HGH a run however there are so many darn different colored tops. What is the difference? I have seen brown, yellow, grey and blue. Is there really any difference? I was thinking if running blue tops since they seem to be the most popular.

  2. The going "wisdom" on colored tops is, don't select your HGH by the color of the top. It is generally used to identify generic HGH but what you want to do is find a VERY reputable supplier first and then choose one of his "colors". Blue tops are normally a Chinese generic that is commonly sold from the best suppliers but most people will tell you that it is 192aa. I've seen reports of welps and redness after injection which many attribute to the antibodies fighting the 192aa HGH.

    Brown tops are now branded as Hygetropin (not Hygentropin) and there are very few reports (if any) of reactions at the injection site. Hygetropin (Hygene Pharm) is reported to be run by one of the top dogs (a scientist or something) that used to work for Jintropin. Hygetropin and the suppliers I know of swear that it is 191aa but the jury is still out as a very reputable board moderator is saying it's 192aa. He hasn't provided proof yet. I just started with Hygetropin and have no welps or redness.

    Incidentally, my brown top Hygetropin has blue tops. It's the 8iu vial variant of the Hygetropin HGH. Not to be confused with the "Blue Top" generic.

  3. I did figure the blues were "generic" and I have seen the rumors of welts on some. I hate to buy 1000 IU only to find my body doesn't like it!!

  4. Turns out that the "very reputable board moderator" thought that the Hygetropins were Hygentropins and thats why he was so sure they were 192aa. He has no evidence either way on the Hygetropin and is still researching...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by parttimer
    I did figure the blues were "generic" and I have seen the rumors of welts on some. I hate to buy 1000 IU only to find my body doesn't like it!!
    Welts are not the only reason to stay away from 192aa. Research shows them to produce antibodies that render hgh ineffective over long-term use - a reason they are not legal in US. I would stick to Jintropin.



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