How long can LR3 be warm b4 being no good

  1. How long can LR3 be warm b4 being no good

    Sup guys?
    I made a real absent minded blunder with my IGF.
    I had it in my cooler to use it and my MGF @ the gym pwo.
    But when I got home, I forgot to move it to the fridge.
    My GF cleared out the cooler and didnt notice that the ziplok bag in there had something in it. So she took out the ice pack like she ussually does, and so the mgf and IGF were in there @ room temp for about 24hrs.

    Anyone know how long MGF or IGF stay good @ room temp?

    It wasnt super hot or anything. I dont know the exact temp. I had the heat on though.

  2. IGF can last (keep its potency) for 1 year at 37 C as long as it's in acetic acid. Just keep it out of intense sunlight. There's a thread on here (I think posted by LakemountD) that stated these results in a study, I'm not just pullin this out of my bum.

  3. I know it can last pretty long @fridge temp, but this was left out overnight by mistake.(bout 24hours actually) @room temp, w/ no ice pack, so thats why Im wondering if it's still good. (my mgf too). Both however were reconstituted w/ 25% aa and 75% BW.

  4. dude, 37 Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 37 C is 98.6 F, i.e. your body temp. It's nowhere near fridge temp. Don't worry your stuff is fine

  5. Oh, snap. I just misunderstood. Obviously Im not very fluent @ celcius. (I know metric system makes more sense, but I havent quite let go of the systems I learned growing up. IE: fareinheit, inches, feet, yards gallons etc....) Lol.

    Cool, so my IGF n MGF R probably fine.
    Thanks Rocky.

  6. If your MGF was left out at room temp, then it might not be any good.

  7. IGF is still good

    MGF is probably not still good

  8. Well, I used the MGF anyway, and finished it today. Got another one enroute. REG-MGF, not PEG-MGF. Im making good progress w/ my weights and reps but that could be attributed to any number of things. I may never know if that vial of MGF was any good, but Im startin another vial soon. And Im figuring my IGF is probably still good though. (I hope).
    Considering Im in PCT Im pretty happy w/ how it's going. I ussually get weaker during PCT not stronger.

  9. BTW, thanks you guys I appreciate the responses.


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