GH vs _______

  1. GH vs _______

    I have an injury and want to take GH for three months. Ignoring costs, is there any reason to take something other than GH? If anyone can direct me to good reading I would appreciate it, right now Iím very confused.

  2. Clarification

    My debate is between GH and things such as igf1-lr3 and ghrp-6.

  3. What type of injury? It its joint related then possibly cissus could help.

  4. Thanks!

    Ya, I'm doing cissus right now, but I'm not sure when to take it and how much.

    The MRI shows that structurally my knee is strong and undamaged. But the x-ray shows that my patella is tilted to the middle of my body. The doctor believes that this caused me to bang up the back of the patella on its low friction surface.

    I'm stretching to get the patella into the correct position, but I want to help the patella heal- if possible.

    Right now I waiting for GH and I'm considering Oratropin-1.

    Any help would be great!

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