InsuLIn ???????? Oral

  1. InsuLIn ???????? Oral

    I dont really know alot about Insul, but I know they make an oral (think ) for like people in the early stages? I've seen alot of people pin Insul, Why dont anyone use the oral. I know Insul is one of the most powerful anabolics ??? Just sounds safer and dont have to pin?????? Probably a Brain Fart and Im sure Jayhawks going to bash me back to the little bus for this one!!!!!

  2. Where have you seen insulin pills?

    I was under the impression that it has a worthless oral bioavailability.

  3. I know someone with diabetes and there taking some pill because their in the early stages. I dont want to ask them but I figured someone here would know.

  4. There's not an oral insulin pill that I know of. More than likely it's glucophage or something similar.

  5. I do remember hearing about oral insulin in trial stages. There are ways to deliver peptides 'orally.' There's IBE's way, which has it absorbing in the mouth. I think there are other ways as well, more properly considered oral. If you do a PubMed search or a search in that database of drug trials (forgot the site) you'll see it's out there. Whether or not it's in common use or very successful at all I don't know.

  6. There's aparently a new oral version in the works (it was in todays news)

  7. There is also a clinical trial looking for type two volunteers that is delivered intranasally. I heard it on the radio the other day.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jcam222
    There is also a clinical trial looking for type two volunteers that is delivered intranasally. I heard it on the radio the other day.
    type one diabetics are the insulin dependent ones. an intranasal delivery system may work for type two's but it won't be as strong as pinning.

  9. I mistyped that....the trial is for type 1 to replace shots.

  10. i give ubi oral-insulin shots at least 3x/wk. works wonders for him.

  11. A popular canadian online pharmacy sent me an advertisement about it. I guess it's called exubera. This is all they said. Pharmacy name has been editied out.

    Exubera Now Available
    Exubera is the first inhaled insulin for the treatment of adult type 1 and type 2 diabetes and currently the only available alternative to mealtime insulin injections. As a valued patient of xxxxxxxx we wanted you to be the first to know about the availability of Exubera.
    Below is a complete list of our prices for this medication:

    Exubera Price
    Inhaler Kit 1mg 270 each $205.00
    Combination Pack 15 270 each $168.00
    Combination Pack 12 180 each $137.00
    Chamber 1 each $29.00
    Release Unit 1 each $18.00

  12. How well do you think it would work for bb compaired to Pin.

  13. hard 2 say @ this point. Dont know how fast it kicks in or how long it stays active.

  14. There is a ton of data on the exubera website....espcecially if you click on the link for health care professionals.


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