measuring out IGF

  1. measuring out IGF

    Hey guys,

    I have been researching on this board how I should dose my IGF but i can't seem to get my head around it.

    I want to take 40 mcg per day.

    I bought 1mg of IGF pre-diluted in 1 ML of AA, I also bought a vial of AA. From the vial of AA I drew up 1 CC (ml) of AA and added it to the IGF mix. so now the total solution should be 2 ML of AA with 1mg of IFG.

    I have 1/2 CC insulin syringes that have 50 ticks on the barrel.

    Given my current solution how many ticks will equal 40 mcg?

    thanks so much!

  2. there are tons of threads on this exact question, but I'll spare you a little bit as I'm feeling sassy.

    with your 2ml of AA you added, you acheived a concentration of 500mcg/ml.

    1ml equals 100iu ticks, gradiations, what have you, on a slin pin.

    For every tick on your particular slin pin, at your stated concentration that you acheived, it would equate to 5mcg of IGF.

    4 ticks would be 20mcg. 8 would be 40mcg.

  3. oh wow, thanks I really appreciat yourself, 8 ticks should be a lot easier for me to inject seeing as I can to to 4 on one side, then switch the the other side and do the remaining 4.

    thanks a lot!!

  4. I use two needles, as they are dirt cheap, and guarantee sterility... some use the same needle though, and luck out.

  5. what do you mean? by using the same needle I could compromise the IFG stability? or just risk infection?

  6. right.. infection... I just like to keep things as sterile as possible.. hence using NEW needles each bodypart for bilateral injects with IGF.. It's only common sense. People cheap out and compromise their health.. up to them.

  7. that makes a lot of sense, I will definately take your advice.

    Today as i was adding the 1cc of AA to the mix i thought, wait is this really worth it to make it easier to measure out the doses? I mean do you think that much AA (2ml per 1mg of ifg) is harmful to your muscles. I would imagine AA would destroy some tissue (muscle cells) seeing as it is acid. Maybe even negating the effect of IGF (creating more new cells). What do you think? I might be over analyzing.


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