Sub-Q injects ?'s

  1. Sub-Q injects ?'s

    So i'm just looking to gather some info before I do anything.

    I've never pinned before, brand new to this whole thing, read spotinjections, read a ton about IM injections and what not, but one thing i've never seen is a good FAQ on how to do sub-q injections.

    I'm running a p-gh cycle soon, and maybe somebody can give me some good info and steps and tips and what not on doing some sub q pinning.

    From what I've read slin pins are good to use with this, I currently have some boxes of 27g 1/2" pins.

    Ok, now sub-q, 3rd layer of the skin, last layer, great. I know that. Easiest place is the stomach, right next to the naval, great I know that. Now how exactly do you KNOW that you've passed through the adipose tissue, and are at the sub-q layer? And upon reaching that point, do the usual precautions still follow, aspirate, and then go in VERY slowly?

    Also I read somewhere not to pin 1 inch within the same spot in a 1 month period? How accurate is that, it sounds pretty extreme to me. I thought I could do it roughly in the same spot everytime down there on the stomach fat.

    How serious are the risks of injection with sub-q? Is it just as serious as with IM injections?

    Ok I think that covers most of my questions.

    Edit: Also do you need to wipe the area with an alcohol pad first like an IM inject?

    Thanks for any help you all can provide

  2. Wipe the skin with an alcohol pad and the top of the bottle. pinch some skin in the belly reigon. Insert the needle all the way. Inject, no need to aspirate.

  3. dude, pgh is an IM inject (intramuscular).

    mr universe answers that question somewhere on this board.

    I've used the product and it goes fine through a 29 1/2 into the delts.

    sub q is under the skin, not under the fat. with a 1/2 you can go in at an angle or shoot into skin you have pinched up.

    for your purposes maybe try his transedermal first. I liked the pgh but i really don't want to create more scar tissue than i already have.

    i just use oral gabba now, and get almost the same effect.

  4. hmm...All the posts i've seen from guys on this board who have used it, most have done it sub-q, with only a few trying it IM. I mean i could be wrong, but that's what I have mostly read.

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