HGH for fat loss only....

  1. HGH for fat loss only....

    Hey guys I just got my Hygetropin. I just want it for fat loss. i am currently running IGF so do I have to stop it because the gh aleready increases the IGF in the body. How much is needed everyday for an effective and dramatic fat loss. How long should I run it for. Since it is just fat loss I thought a lower dose and less time would be enough. Is this correct?PLus is there any concern about hypo or hyper glycemia when taking hgh alone. I was thinking eith 2-4iu ed for a cuople months. With a strict diet and cardio with a more circuit type weight lifting program. I am already 255lbs so size is not a need anymore. Wow can't I just said that. Size is always a need. JUst not right now. LOL.

  2. from what i've heard from a very very knowledgable former IFBB pro and a current pro 2iu eod is fantastic for fatloss

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