i know, i know, more IGF q's... but just a few to clear up for me plz

  1. i know, i know, more IGF q's... but just a few to clear up for me plz

    I am about 6 weeks away from running some igf for my PCT of my (prop/ace/m1t cycle) and i just have a few q's i couldn't really find while searchin....

    1) how long is too long to wait after a workout to inj in the muscle worked? cuz i gotta drive like 15 mins from my gym to the house and honestly i'd like to shower before i poke cuz i'm worried i'll get an infection... but at the same time i don't want the gut so i need to make sure i still get it in the muscles worked fast enough...

    2) i workout 5 days a week right now, so of course i'll shoot the igf in the muscle worked that day, but what about on off days when i don't workout? should i just shoot the igf wherever i have a site left or just not shoot it on rest days cuz i read the effects stayed in ur body for 72 hrs?

    3) i am 5 ft. 11 in. and weight 215lbs w/ an est. 15% bf so would you guys say 50mcg for 40days be ok to do?

    Thanks a lot for your time bro's!

  2. I honestly think you should read Grunts Thread in the IGF section of the board. It will answer every question and you'll learn some other things as well.

  3. ok bro thanks

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