IGF LR3 And sodium chloride???????

  1. IGF LR3 And sodium chloride???????

    ok i have done really detailed researched and read almost any post, there are even posts that are flaming the place i got, but my question is, since mine came with powder form 1mg and 10ml of sodium chloride, what do i do, i read here that you should use to dilute it, with Nacl first, you should dilute it with Aa then add Nacl, but my source says just mix it with 1mg of IGF you will be fine, well i dont know what to do, i mean since all is gonna mix anyway, why is it wrong to mix it with Nacl right awy, casue it will degrade it?? any one seen any bad results thanks guys

  2. Just get some AA, add 2ml to the vial, each tick on a slin would be 5. Draw up how much you want, then you could dilute with BA or NaCl and shoot. I prefer to draw up 40mcg, and fill the rest of the barrel with B12. This is for a 1/2cc slin pin.

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