Oral IGF protocol to avoid downregulation

  1. Oral IGF protocol to avoid downregulation

    With all of the discussion about lower dosage of IGF to aviod downregulation of receptors, am I correct in the following protocol for Oratropin in PCT for best results? Or is IGF used in PCT different? LMD or IBE? all comments welcome.

    week 1-2(last 2 weeks of AAS cycle)
    40mcg Oratropin EOD
    HCG 250iu E3D

    week 3-4
    40mcg Oratropin EOD
    HCG 250iu E3D
    Nolva 20mg ED
    Aromasin 20 mg ED

    week 5-6
    40mcg Oratropin EOD
    Nolva 20mg ED
    Aromasin 20mg ED

  2. My plan is at the bottom of page 7.


    Seems to working well, but really too early to know. I think I losing a pound of fat a week and at the same time gaining a pound of muscle a week. I need more time to really know, but I am really liking the visual change I'm seeing. Feel great.

    Oratrophin has a 48 hour life so EOD is too soon to prevent down regulation. Every third or fourth day is needed to prevent down regulation.

    What is your logic of running HCG in weeks 3 and 4. I think would be very counter productive.

  3. wolf,
    you are correct on the oratropin, I'll switch it to E3D.
    I'm using HCG at a low dose 500/wk so it is not going to spike estrogen like 3500/wk would.

    I did check out your log and decided to add pghT. Results sound promising and I always trust AM board sponsers.

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