to all you IGF gods....

  1. to all you IGF gods....

    do you think that IGF would be best stacked with a strong androgen or a strong anabolic? for example, whic do you think would aid in the magic of IGF more, tren or deca? (wondering what part of a cycle would be best)

    also, i see that a lot of people use IGF for PCT, which, according to my research, seems like potentially wasting a lot of the gains of IGF as it works best in an androgenic/anabolic environment? this seems especially weird since, according to bobo, IGF helps to keep you from getting shut down while on cycle?!

    thanks everyone, this board is far and away the best i have ever seen!

  2. I would run IGF-1 with an androgen. IGF-1 is the most anabolic substance known to man (aside from insulin), so stacking an androgen would be beneficial. As far as why many people use it in PCT, it's because it's a peptide hormone that will preserve LBM, allow you to drop fat mass while eating more carbs than maintenance, and has no suppressive effect on your HPTA. Basically it allows you to be on something anabolic even during your recovery period from AAS. Personally I use it during PCT and on cycle. I alternate one month IGF-1, one month slin. Definitely not recommending that to a novice, but it's what I do.

  3. thanks rocky, your the man,

    i see people use it during pct, but it just seems to be more of a psychological band aid to keep people from feelin bummed when they lose weight, while if they used it while On cycle, they would gain more weight total and probably create more new cells with more volume than if they used igf when their body is in a super test deprived environment, where all the anabolic pathways are all messed up.

    i'll probably use it for both tho, btw. use it for four weeks, starting two weeks prior to cycle and then throughout pct.

    would using it with a strong anabolic like deca or something have negative synergies?? or would the anabolic still help the igf create more new cells through increased protein synthesis?

  4. Stacking with another anabolic wouldnt be detrimental by any means, but it would just be much more advantageous stacking it with an androgen. For example, would you rather stack primobolan and anavar, or test with deca?? (lol that's a bad example...if I could afford 1 g primo a week and 100 mg anavar ED i'd never use anything else, but within realistic doses I mean).

    I'm of the school of thought of keeping it simple. By that I mean you might wanna try just 750 mg test per week for 10 weeks using IGF-1 during the middle 4 weeks. There's an infinite amount of ways you can stack it but I'd recommend an androgen, and I'd start with test.

  5. Tren in and of itself shoots natural igf-1 level through the roof. Although 5 times as anabolic as test on paper, i find it to be primarily a androgenic hardening and scultping drug.

    if you want to creat the most hyperplasia then the best thing you can use is insulin, hands down. insulin also causes hyperplasia and causes such dramatic anabolism in all tissues that along with igf-1 and androgens, is the most anabolic stack you can create short of adding growth hormone.

    igf-1 will also prevent slin from making you fat on a side note, and increse your insulin sensitivity to the point where 2 ius of slin is enough to see an effect.

    i would do-

    ......if i wasnt scared to death of slin.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822

    ......if i wasnt scared to death of slin.

    Jomi, I didnt know you were scared of anything??

  7. i do indeed know fear
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  8. That lady looks like Chris Katan from saturday night live all jacked up.

  9. I guess it would take me a day to correct every wrong assertion in this thread. So I'm not doing it. But most of it is off the mark. Read other threads. Ugh.

  10. I have to say, I'm a bit confused myself. One of the brilliant minds here posted a thread saying that estrogen is necessary to get the most bang for your IGF buck but if used in PCT, people are generally trying to suppress estrogen but are reporting great results w/IGF-1.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Bionic
    I have to say, I'm a bit confused myself. One of the brilliant minds here posted a thread saying that estrogen is necessary to get the most bang for your IGF buck but if used in post cycle therapy, people are generally trying to suppress estrogen but are reporting great results w/IGF-1.
    That's because there is LOTS of estrogen floating around. No one totally annihilates estrogen in PCT, rather keep it under control.

  12. To be honest guys, we can all talk about molecular biology and cellular physiology until we're blue in the face and people can say whatever they want as to how and why you should use IGF-1. Honestly, at the end of the day, just experiment and find what works for you. It took me a few cycles but I have found my personal sweet spot with IGF-1.

    So telling others they're wrong about the use or whatever is just a waste of energy. All you need to do is take a look in the mirror to see if your body is responding. And I'm not pointing any fingers but it's been my experience that those who repsond with the greatest vitriol are doing so out of frustration, usually from lack of results.


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