LR-IFG-1 Dosage and Performance Question

  1. LR-IFG-1 Dosage and Performance Question

    I am currently in my third week of PCT after the following 12 week cycle:

    Test Prop 150mg/eod
    Tren Ace 75mg/eod
    Proviron 25mg /ed
    250iu of HCG (2x Week)

    The post cycle therapy I am running is:

    wk1: Clomid 150mg/d (300mg Day 1), Nolva 60mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 75mg/d, Activate
    wk2: Clomid 100mg/d, Nolva 40mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 50mg/d, Activate
    wk3: Nolva 20mg/d, DHEA 200mg/d, LX 25mg/d, Activate
    wk4: Nolva 20mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d, Activate
    wk5: Nolva 10mg/d, DHEA 100mg/d

    I am almost to the end of week 3, and I start LR-IGF-1 at the start of the week using 60mcg ED. The good news is that I have not lost much weight from the end of the cycle but I have noticed a loss of some strength.

    I just really do not notice much from the LR-IGF-1 to this point. I have read that most feel something after a couple of days. Is this true or do I just need to give it longer to "kick-in" for me? Do I need to up the dosage some? I am 6"1' tall and about 230 pounds if that helps.

    Thanks for Looking

  2. You aren't necessarily going to feel all that much with LR3 IGF-1 administration, especially early on. One of the main things you should notice, however, is a slightly leaner appearance. LR3 IGF-1 can lower insulin production by as much as 1/12th, and also prevents insulin from driving glycogen into cells, which aides in burning fat. It also allows your body to become more sensitive to insulins effects, unlike hGH. The problem people have with LR3 IGF-1 is that people don't realize that you aren't going to see huge gains up front. It isn't a hormone and therefore doesn't activate the androgen receptor and work through that pathway. It is anabolic in itself, however, not to the level of insulin or some of the other androgens out there. Since LR3 IGF-1 is responsible for muscle cell differentiation, it is also responsible for muscle cell hyperplasia, or the actual increase in the amount of muscle fibers you are predisposed to based on your DNA. The problem here is that you aren't going to see this growth right away. Individual muscle fibers are very small once created and they must be matured through muscle cell hypertrophy to become enlarged so LR3 IGF-1 can cause body recomposition but a lot of the muscular gains can be seen far down the road moreso than right up front.

    If I were you I would have started IGF-1 on the first day of PCT since that is the most catabolic time period. 60mcg is plenty of IGF-1 and you shouldn't have to increase it any more than that. In fact if you did you would cause rapid downregulation even moreso than now. I use 40mcg a day and its effects on blood sugar is profound. You can a thread in here that I started where I posted my blood sugar levels on a non IGF-1 day and on a day where I used 20 and then 40mcg.

  3. I am done with my PCT and the 4 week cycle of LR-IGF-1 as of about a week ago. I can not really say that I noticed much of anything from the LR-IGF-1. I injected 60mg ED into the muscles that I worked on that day at the gym post workout. I read that people notice great "pumps" if injected before working out and I tried that also and I just did not get any more pump than normal.

    I am now starting to question the IFG that I used. I have recieved other stuff from this source and have had very good luck. I did not refrigerate the powder after I got it right away but I was told that really was not needed. I did refrigerate the stuff after I diluted it back with AA.

    Should have I noticed more of an effect from it? Was I not using a high enough dosage for my weight?

  4. I had similar problems not noticing any results or feeling any pumps at the gym. Currently I'm taking 60 mcgs e3d and I 'm really starting to feel a difference. I have extreme hunger now and my body fat went down 6% in a month. I suggest to just stick with your dose and you will soon see results. It takes time but in the end its worth it. Good luck

  5. 6% seems like quite a bit. What was your starting and finishing BF%?

  6. When I was tested I was at 280 21% BF but when I was tested again I was 295 15%. I thought it was wrong but it went down quite a bit. It could have been a combo hard training and using IGf. I don't know how to explain in but its true.

  7. Well its probably pretty accurate then. 21% is pretty high, so it dropping that much while on IGF isnt too far fetched.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddy72
    I had similar problems not noticing any results or feeling any pumps at the gym. Currently I'm taking 60 mcgs e3d and I 'm really starting to feel a difference. I have extreme hunger now and my body fat went down 6% in a month. I suggest to just stick with your dose and you will soon see results. It takes time but in the end its worth it. Good luck
    Are you saying that you did ED injections and not until you started e3d injections you started to feel it? How long did it take you to start feeling a difference? How long have you been on the cycle?


  9. I started off by taking e3d and it took about two weeks to feel a difference. I never did twice a day injections or everyday injections so I wouldn't know how long that would take.

  10. not to slam anybody here, but maybe posting what brand of igf your lab rat is on would be helpful...maybe your all on different sources?

  11. You cant post sources for IGF.

  12. First of all, 60 mcg is PLENTY. I started my current IGF cycle at 265 (5'10") and am now 261 a week into it (a week into post cycle therapy). The last three weeks of my cycle was just 150 mg test prop EOD which is nothing for me, and my weight was still 265 3 days after the last jab of prop (half life) so this 4 pound loss was not all water. I utilize IGF-1 slightly differently from most. I pin 2 times per day on training days (once in the AM and once 1 hr prior to training), and half of my full dose in the AM on non-training days with 1 day of no shots per week. I know it looks complicated, but after a few IGF-1 cycles this is what works best for me. And to be honest the real trick in this game when it comes to anabolic steroids, IGF-1, diet, training, whatever, is to know what works best for your body. So I'm not recommending this to anyone, just sharing.

    Now, most importantly, I started to see the greatest results from IGF-1 during my last cycle when I altered my diet slightly. Here's my secret (for what it's worth). I pin my IGF-1 after a very hi-carb meal (AM pin is following about 120-150 g carbs), pre-workout is about the same but it varies from day to day. I read about this on another board in Europe from a top competitive bodybuilder, so I took a chance and the results were phenomenal...much better than my earlier cycles where my carbs were at maintenance.

    As far as WHY i pin twice per day, again it's to suit my own body. I tried doing 50 mcg all at once and got very hypoglycemic and also suffered severe headaches. Even though i'm in the 250's - 260's my body prefers smaller doses 6-8 hours apart. So i pin 20-30 mcg in the AM and 20-30 mcg pre-workout. And the pre-workout strategy is so I can enjoy the pumps (and eating a high complex carb meal adds to this, while providing much needed energy for my workouts, esp when my test levels are low during post cycle therapy).

    And so, eating lots of carbs surrounding the IGF-1 jabs (and also throughout the day, just not more than 100 g in one sitting aside from the IGF-1 meals) keeps my glycogen stores full, energy levels high, and a great feeling of having my whole body feel pumped throughout the day.

    And those are just the immedate (partly psychologically beneficial) effects of IGF-1. The real magic wont be seen for many cycles down the road. You'll have more muscle cells to blast with hard work and quality nutrition, and'll be bigger than you could have been without the IGF.


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