TST/TRN @ 4mgs OT1 bridge to PCT

  1. TST/TRN @ 4mgs OT1 bridge to PCT


    Competitive swimmer for 8 years. Had lean frame til I stopped.
    5'11 155lbs at age 18.

    6'1 215 lbs @ 20%BF

    6'1 202lbs @ 12%BF age 24

    Weight Trained since age of 14. Work out 4 days a week, 45 min to an hour, high intensity, sets of 3 at 10, 8 and 6 reps. 2 to 3 exercises for each muscle. 30 seconds rest between sets, 3-4 minutes rest between exercises.

    Almost to the end of week 3 of my TST/TRN cycle at 4mgs. BP is up but controllable, libido is way up. Poppin woodies at errant thoughts a lot. Started with 2mg each for week1, held at 4mgs each and plan on until the end.

    Started Oratropin 2 weeks in. Got single kit of the new 80mcg syringes and been dosing 40mcgs a day. Been debating 80mcgs EOD due to possible decreased bioavailibity of splitting such a small dose and weak absorption pathway. Havent felt hypo effects, but then again its hard to discern from effects of the TST/TRN anyways.

    Results so far,
    TST/TRN has been impressive. Noticed an almost immediate effect first 3-4 days on this, notably weight loss, most of it fat from around the belly. Keep in mind I do almost no cardio, jog a mile twice a week on a machine but I do keep HR up during workout. Ive gotten slightly more shredded, new veins on teh forearms, and as Ive lost weight (4-5lbs) Ive kept muscle mass. Strength as kicked in around week 2 as Im able to incline bench 8 plates total on the isolateral incline and 10 on the decline. DB presses have stayed the same at 125lbs each. Trying to hit 130-140 lb dbs but risk injury and need spot. Seen small gains on shoulder presses and bi's and tri's have been mostly the same.

    PCT - Ive been debating on whether to use Nolva, Rebound, or Letro or a combo. No gyno problems at all and have had good results with rebound before. May decide to go 50mgs for two weeks and taper down. Hesistant on the Nolva due to liver issues and dont see a need for letro unless prog gyno flares up.

    My whole reason for posting this is for some advice. Mainly like to see my investment in the OT-1 pay off as I feel I may be underutilizing it. Ive seen it best used as a bridge and thats what I'm trying to do but have not seen the effects of it or it hasnt kicked in yet.

    thx for the feedback.

  2. Whats yur PCT like?

  3. Would you mind sharing your daily dosage of TST and TRN respectively?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beau
    Would you mind sharing your daily dosage of TST and TRN respectively?
    4mgs each daily split doses. generic labz and biosci versions. 2 tabs each.

    havent experienced any libido loss, rather an increase, add in the OT1 i feel like im 13 again. no sides except for BP.

  5. Thanks - I've been thinking about this; just unsure on the dosage.



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