Once and for all: How to mix IGF (for research)

  1. Once and for all: How to mix IGF (for research)

    Okay guys, I usually do it with 2ml's of AA.
    Simple. 1mg of IGF + 2mls of AA.

    All research shots are about 40mcgs or .4ccs on a SLIN PIN.
    they are really really small shots on site.

    how else do you guys mix and shoot it?
    IGF & AA + Sodium Chloride or Bacteriostatic Water?

    is the BW or NACL really neccessary?
    or is it simply to cut the sting/pain from the AA?
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  2. LR3-IGF-1 Reconstitution Instructions:

    1mg of lyophilized LR3-IGF-1

    Inject 1ml of AA solution into your vial of IGF,be cautious of the
    vacuum in the IGF vial.You will need to control the syringe plunger so the AA does not forcefully spray down onto the IGF powder.I would suggest 'venting' the vial first to release this vacuum. You want to trickle it down the side of the vial slowly and then swirl the solution gently to mix it into a clear solution.

    On a 1ml slin pin each tick is 20mcg of IGF.Draw out the
    appropriate amount of IGF and then switch to your vial of sodium chloride water to dilute it.That's all there is to it.

    The most important points I would like to make clear are:

    THE ONLY THING that comes in contact with the powder IGF is
    the acetic acid(AA) solution being injected into its vial.NOTHING
    ELSE is ever injected into your vial of IGF concentrate,ONLY the AA.You suck up the sodium chloride water separately.

    DO NOT use BA to mix this IGF.That can/will work for gropep IGFand some others perhaps,but it will turn this chinese produced IGF into a sludge.Dont do it."

    simple enough
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  3. You can add BW to the syringe after you've drawn the IGF up to lessen the amount lost (by lowering the concentration).

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