IGF-1....can you pin on a full stomach, or do you need to fast like with HGH?

  1. IGF-1....can you pin on a full stomach, or do you need to fast like with HGH?

    Just a quick question..

    I have been looking and haven't really seen a clear cut answer...

    I know when I took HGH, I always fasted an hour or two before and after an injection to keep insulin from eating up the HGH (for lack of a better term"...

    now with IGF-1, will this be an issue? or can I just pin when I want to without regard to a full stomach or anything like that?

    Also, I plan on pinning immediately post workout to get the IGF-1 in my system while the damage to my muscles is going to be demanding attention from the IGF-1 instead of my jawline, etc getting the IGF-1. ha ha

    Is this a good idea, or does it matter? I have seen some conflicting ideas on this type of thing...can anyone please shed some light?

    17%BF (yeah yeah I know fatass)


  2. Your gonna go hypo if your lab critters wait that long to eat after IGF. My critters eat their post WO shake, wait about 20 minutes, then take thier IGF.

  3. If your trying to get the localized growth from the igf by pinning after your workout, you would need to pin your subjects within minutes of completing your workout. If you do this, give your subjects their PWO shake immediately after this. Food does not interfere with IGF the way it does with HGH.

  4. hey bros my subjects thank you for your answers...my Ferret is not a happy ferret when he goes hypo.

    good save..thanks for the info!

    Also, what are your thoughts on using AA (Xfactor) with this? Or would this be better to use later, say with MGF or something?

  5. who says GH needs to be pinned while fasting? fasting elevates normal GH and that's about the only connection there is... I think you are mixed up bro unless there's any news

  6. judge,

    hell things may have changed, but I am pretty sure insulin in your system pretty much "eats up" GH in your body..

    that was the idea last year when I was running it though, there are some brilliant minds around here, so that may be old news though......


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