Hey I have a simple yet confusing question. I know this girl that has been going to a weight doctor and I was over at her house and she got something out of the ref. and I'm looking to see what she's getting and it's a needle for gh and she tells me it's hgh. Now I've never personally took it and stuck with just test but a lot of my friends have and I could tell it was 36iu's. This girl tells me the doctor is telling her to take the whole thing at once and puts it in her stomach and takes it. I'm telling her that there is no possible way this is pure hgh because if she was taking 36iu's at a time her insides would be the size of watermelon's by now. She has lost about 60 pounds on this stuff so I'm thinking it has to be something but pure hgh???? It looks like hgh and everything but is already in the needle when i see it so I don't get to see the package. My ? is what could this be????? anyone ever heard of a doctor giving someone something mixed with gh to loose weight? or is it really pure gh? It just doesn't make sense that you could take 36iu's 2mls of it at one time once a week. Thanks and I look foward to your answers