1. Sweats

    Hi all,

    Just started 3 weeks ago HGH (Jintropin) 2 IU per day and expecting to increase up to 5 UI per day.

    Doing it 5 days on, 2 days off.

    Also doing T3 (25 mcg) per day and Anavar (45 mg per day).

    The problem is that I notice that I am sweating like a pig at night. I wake up every morning with my sheets soaked in water and having to change t-shirt once a night.

    I am 34 years , finished a Bulking cycle 1 month ago and the objective of this cycle is to loose BF.

    I noticed that I also sweat much more in my training (doing 45 minuts of cardio ED in the morning and weights 4 times per week).

    Is this normal ? As anyone experienced increased sweating with HGH ?

    Thanks for your help !!

  2. Hmm, T-3 will make you sweat more at night and during training etc. Either that or you are on a alcohol binge :P

  3. It's the T3. I sweat all the time and I am always hot.

  4. Old fart, YOU LOOK MEAN!!! I believe your sig. as for the sweats, bro its the T3!!!

  5. Yeah like that olf fart needs T-3



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