Frozen IGF

  1. Frozen IGF

    I recently bought some IGF from MR and it seems to have froze over in my freezer been in there maybe 2 weeks now didnt thing much of it since my GLF never froze over. Two Questions

    #1 Is this going to be a problem or have I damaged the product

    #2 Whats different why did this freeze and my GLF didnt different storage do i need a different administration for my lab rat thanks alot guys

  2. Lilguy,

    I've never used MR's IGF1, but if it froze in the freezer it was probably reconstituted in AA. A single freeze didn't harm my IGF1, just don't make a habit of it. There is another post on this same topic (by me) that was answered by LakeMount.


  3. Hey thanks alot

  4. Yeah, Lake just recommended refrigerating it - unless you wanted to add BA (that has a lower freezing point than AA).

  5. jmh80--your avatar gives us all much reason for jelousy:-)


  6. Yeah no need to freeze it. The study done by Gropep shows it will last 2 years even at room temperature. For safety's sake however refrigerate it. The single freeze wont hurt it. Let it thaw in the refrigerator for a few hours and it is ready to be used.


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