Height Increase : What do you think of this ?

  1. Height Increase : What do you think of this ?

    Hi Guys,

    Ok I aint sure if i am supposed to post an active link here but i guess its somewhat necessary.

    From my understanding if the cartridges cant grow,then any horomonal dosage like IGF-1 OR HGH won't work since the plates have already been ossified.Correct me if I am wrong.

    Secondly,for increasing height during the later stage,the emphasis is more on stretching exericises for the upper spine.


    Will this help? I am 28 and my height is 5.7 " and I would like to gain atleast 3 inches more.They dont exaggerate much which makes me feel that they might be sensible unlike growtaller crap and the other scammers.

    What do you think?

    Thanks and take care


  2. Pretty sure you'd have to look at surgical procedures for that kind of thing. Most likely a lengthening of your legs. Pretty cool what they can do these days, although after watching a special on it - it is very painful.

    Do a google on 'limb' or 'leg' lengthening.

    But hey I could be wrong.

  3. Yeah already done that.They say 3 months for each inch that you want to gain plus 3 months of physiotherapy kinda stuff.

    So that makes me in bed for 6 months per inch,so if i want to gain say 4 inches,i am literally 2 years in bed...LMAO !!

    I understand that after growth plates are closed,its a total mess to inject it in cos it will only widen the bones since the cartridges cant grow.

    This site is more towards exercises on stretching the spine maybe on the lines on sleeping without a pillow,chinups,squats kinda thing but i need to know if such claims have some validity.

    Thanks and take care


  4. I dont think that stretching over whatever the site is saying is gonna make you grow much at all. If you grew a 1/4 of an inch, I think that would be impressive. I hate to break it to you, but I think your stuck at the height your at.

  5. I've heard you can grow 1/2'' or so by using gravity boots and hanging up side down. All your doing though is decompressing the spine. Heavy squatting will do the opposite. I was 5'11'' in highschool and 10 years later I'm 5'9.5''. I'm sure if I decompressed my spine I would go back to original height and probably feel better but I'm too lazy to be haning around like a bat.lol Besides If did grow 4 inches don't you think it might look strange if your torso is that of someone 5'11'' and your arms are that of a 5'7'' person.

  6. Hi morphine,

    kind of stupid question, but what's your problem with 5'7''. It's not not all that bad. And if you can't go for 'tall' you can always go for 'wide', which is what this board is all about...

  7. Well yeah definitely 5.7 aint bad but it aint impressive too :-)

    I was thinkin that since i am resumin my workouts so probably i can do stretching by hanging myself on a chin up bar down and then do the situps for the abs as well as for the spine but i aint sure if that is right.

    Since i am 28 i am sure HGH aint the thing for me.I have calculated my mean height according to the standard formula in one of the posts given here and it turns to be appropriate.The only thing i wanted to focus on was the variance factor of +/- 4 inches on which i could gain probably 3 inches if i could.

    I have gone through lots of posts over here,so know few things and maybe dont know few.

    Anyone who has had few results with stretching or anything.

    The funny thing i saw was accupuncture shoe sole that you can wear.The ad says that it leads to an increase of HGH in your body naturally and then you can gain an increase in height..LOL.It was outstandingly hilarious cos if the plates are ossified then what the fk those soles would do.

    Practical solution is limb surgery but that doesnt make sense due to the time factor involved.So i am left with stretching but that too if it works :-((

    Any other inputs?

    Thanks and take care



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