IGF-1 for HRT in stead of HGH?

  1. Lightbulb IGF-1 for HRT in stead of HGH?

    Since IGF-1 is easier to obtain would it be as good as HGH for HRT? What dose of IGF-1 is eqivalent to 2 iu/day 5on/2off? How about comparable cost? I see 1 iu HGH = 4-5mcg igf-1. So that answers that. I also see it's cheaper so two out of three. But should the precurser to IGF-1(HGH) be replaced by IGF-1 for HGH in older BB's for general anti-aging therapy?

  2. Cost is higher for IGF but that depends on your source for HCG. It could be used like HCg during PCT I think, but I doubt it is as effective. IGF certainly gets the boys back, but whether or not it's test/letdig cell stimulating properties are as good..I dunno.

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    I am on 2iu HGH 5/2. Test Cyp. 200mg/wk all for anti-aging. I do lift regularly. I have seen some indications that IGF-1 also is a recommended HRT for aging BB's like me. Just curious about the comparable properties of each for HRT in combo or separate. I am under a clinics supervision, have done all bloodwork and don't want to screw around with future bloodwork and confuse the Dr.s.

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  4. I don't know why Bioman responded about HCG when you asked about HGH. He is usually very sharp.

    HGH does raise IGF-1 levels.

    IGF-1R3 has faster effects, but is more targeted toward muscles then HGH, but does help with the weight loss. So far it appears you can not stay on IGF-1R3 more 45 and then need to cycle off for 45 days.

    Taking IGF-1R3 lowers HGH levels.

    You may want to look at PGH and PGH -T for raising HGH which is getting good reviews.

    Taking PGH and cycling IGF-1R3 should work well.

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