IGF + steroid cycle....Comments please

  1. IGF + steroid cycle....Comments please

    Hey guys, haven't been around here much lately, but would like your help. I have about 5 cycles under my belt. Last cycle, about a year ago, I used IGF as part of PCT only. Felt it helped a little...Anyways, I am planning on using it soon along with a Test/EQ cycle. My plan is to Run it like this: Steroid cycle will be 10 weeks total, and will run 80mcgs of IGF weeks 3-7 and 12-17 (as part of PCT)..

    Now my questoin here is mainly for people that have run multiple steroid cycles alone in the past for a while, and then decided to run a steroid cycle along with IGF.

    Did you notice a definate diference in gains, and mainly retention of gains after cycle was finished?
    It just seems lately over the past couple cycles I'm just bouncing up when on and back to I was b4 when off. I would love to make some nicer keepable gains off this cycle...
    Thanks a lot guys, seems like there are some knowledgeable bros in this family....FLU

  2. Yeah I feel it helped. I brought up my calves and traps more specifically. I used it for PCT as well, as you plan. I actually feel it really helps PCT most of all.. and it kept me lean on a bulking phase during a cycle. I have ran both 80mcg/d for 25 days and 40mcg/d for 25 days... comparable results.. I'm on my 7th MG of it as of now.. You probably could do just as well off of 40mcg.. make sure you megadose BCAA's/protein to feed potential hyperplasia.

    I have a concern with your 10 week plan.. you're using EQ.. way too short of a duration to get the benefits from Bold Undecylenate. Just my opinion.. I've only noticed the effect of EQ around week 10.. and I ran it for 20 weeks last time before I dropped it from my cycle.

  3. Interesting, I have never heard that b4 about EQ. I have used it once in the past, but along with Test and D-bol so it's hard to tell if it worked well or not. I was not for sure going to use EQ. I mainly wan't to use the IGF with the Test and see what it does for me. I will look into a different AAS other than EQ for my second compound if that's the case. Thanks for the help. Any more replys on results from IGF/Test cycles would be appriciated as well...FLU

  4. Laurate, Undecylenate, Undecanoate, and Decanoate all really require 14-16 week minumum runs for good results (getting the most benefit from the long ester).. Hell, ideally you would run them even longer than that. Boldendone is such a mild anabolic that I would venture to say 16 weeks is the minumum duration if using the Undecylenate version.

    I'm not knocking it at all.. I like it... I am definitely not saying you shouldn't run it. I would just run it longer if it was me.

    IGF-1 and AAS is always a kick ass combo. Hyperplasia and increased protein synthesis/hypertrophy? You can't beat that.

  5. EQ is 14 weeks min duration, IMHO.

    it just gets good at week 10!

    you can use bold cyp (look around) and run it for 10 weeks if you want.

  6. Personally I'd try running it with Tren and Primo, Winny ect. That combo works great andwould really work synergistically with IGF. Just my .02..


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