lr3igf-1 help please

  1. lr3igf-1 help please

    i just ordered 1 milligram of igf
    i am going to use a 29cc insulin syringe
    i want to start with 20 mcg,where would that be on syringe

  2. If you have 1cc 29gauge slin pins, then that would be 2 tick marks (the smallest line on the syringe).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    You equating dosage to IU is not correct.

    1mg LR3IGF equals 1000mcg.

    easy way of dosing:

    2ml total 100mM Acetic Acid added to 1mg lr3IGF-1.
    that equals: 500mcg/ml

    Slin pins come in 3/10, 1/2cc, and 100iu sizes.. each type has gradiation/ticks representing 100iu on the barrel(IU is used for insulin) per CC/ML.

    But when using IGF, you go by your dosage born from the dilution.

    So say you added 2ml of AA to the powder... or if you already had 1ml of AA premixed, then you add 1ml AA..

    500mcg/ml right? still with me? so going by the increments on the slin pins, for each gradiation (tick mark) that would equal 5mcg of IGF.

    a 3/10 slin pin shows each gradiation clearly. I recommend that type, but you sound like you already bought a box of slin pins..

    Ok so now to dosing.. You are toying with the idea of running it for longer than what is purported to be effective. You are going to waste a lot of it.

    You are also planning on running a higher dose than needed. 40mcg will do you fine.

    Run 1mg for 25 days. Break it into 40mcg per day. 20mcg per slin pin.. shoot IM into muscles trained. 20mcg on a slin pin at said dilution above is 4 ticks on the pin. Draw that into TWO pins.. boom.. 40mcg. If it stings, then you can dilute the solution in the barrel with NACL, you big baby.

    to reiterate, dilute it, know the dosage, keep it to 40mcg a day split bilaterally, run it for 25 days... enjoy.
    This is from a post about 5 down from this one. Great explanation on reconsituting.

  4. It is 2 IU marks on any insulin syringe ASSUMING you used 1mL of AA or BA to reconstitute it. You can use 2mL of AA or BA if you want to make it half of the concentration so 4 IU's on the syringe will be 20mcg, for some this makes it a little easier to draw out as well.

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