60 minutes tomorrow--HGH

  1. 60 minutes tomorrow--HGH

    Looks like 60 minutes will have a segment on HGH and anti-aging medicine this Sunday.

  2. what time?

  3. around 6pm, they were showing segments throughout the day (Sat) of an older bodybuidler claiming to have found the fountain of youth.

  4. Dammit i have to go to school and study. Wish I had Tivo! HGH intriques me, but I dont think i can do needles.

  5. if anyone has a link to the episode.. hook it up please. I know its gotta be on the net SOMEWHERE....

  6. Network TV ....

    I have a STRONG feeling this is just going to be a one-sided piece of trash journalism.

  7. I can't post a link but here's a place to go look. Add the http www stuff.


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