IGF-1 and Flu-Like Symptoms

  1. IGF-1 and Flu-Like Symptoms

    So I started 25mcg twice a day of IGF last Thursday (I haven't taken any today). Since then I have gotten Flu-like symptoms. In fact i went to the Dr. and was put on antibiotics for the first time in FOUR years.

    Does this sound familiar?
    Or Just coincidence?

    Symptoms: aching joints, aching while inhaling deeply, low energy.
    I could simply have a cold/flu. I have a slightly elevated temp: 99degrees....

    Lets say this is a common cold/flu - would is be wise to discontinue using IGF until symptoms have subsided?

    ANY comments would be appreciated.....


  2. The low energy could definitely have been from low blood sugar. What does your carb intake look like?

  3. CARB intake -
    I would say moderate to high. Especially since my mother visited and brought pasta salad and brownies - so through the weekend I would say that I have at the very least upped my carbs.

    I was thinking however about IGF L3 the potential of the human body to view it as a antigen and thus cause some kind of immuno response not unlike flu like symptoms.....

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