Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) Information Link

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  1. ok well ur next tip will probably be use the search engine but i've tried to look for specific answers to my question can you point me toward a specific thread?

  2. [B][B][I]this is what i am using now!!!

    Once a week PEG MGF
    Sunday 300 mcg MGF

    Monday –Friday IGF 50mcg e/d

    do you think this is enough?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by INDYMIA View Post
    [B][B][I]this is what i am using now!!!

    Once a week PEG MGF
    Sunday 300 mcg MGF

    Monday –Friday IGF 50mcg e/d

    do you think this is enough?
    Enough for what? Exogenous MGF will act like exog. IGF-1....a GDA (glucose disposal agent).
  4. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by papapumpsd View Post
    Enough for what? Exogenous MGF will act like exog. IGF-1....a GDA (glucose disposal agent).
    Papa - you are funny now with all that repeating of GDA - please dont anymore there is enough data show different story- if you refer to Dats infos he allready explaned it in other thread.
    Igf-1lr3 is way more than what you think it is-please research

  5. MGF + LR3 IGF-1 Dosage Scheme (following intense loading of lagging muscle group)

    Assuming a 4 day per week workout schedule on M-T and Th-F:

    Day 1: 150mg PEG-MGF 1-2 hours before lifting
    Day 2: 10mcg-20mcg LR3 IGF-1 PWO
    Day 3: None
    Day 4: 10mcg-20mcg LR3 IGF-1 Before Breakfast
    Day 5: 150mg PEG-MGF 1-2 hours before lifting
    Day 6: 10mcg-20mcg LR3 IGF-1
    Day 7: None

  6. for how long can you run a cycle like this

  7. for how long can u run the mgf igf 1 cycle?

  8. Guy's I'm new here, I wanted to know the best place I can get HGH, and IGF1. I'm currently just running some test. I am coming off a 3 yr lay off. My goal is to gain mass, as well as lose fat. I'm 43 yrs old and still look pretty good as far as my shape. I am committed and ready to hit it hard, but recovery isn't what it use to be. Any and all suggestions for a stacked cycle are appreciated. I just don't know how to order it up??? Requesting some help for this old guy.... Thanks in advance.


  9. Might want to read the forum rules.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD View Post
    I like LR3 IGF-1 the best personally, but then again have never tried hGH as I could never justify the price and the fact cycles have to be run for very long periods of time. Try getting 1-2mg of LR3 IGF-1 and run it at 20mg EOD or 30mg E3D and let me know how you liked it. Hunger should be way up, increased vascularity (through nitric oxide pathways), decrease in fat, slight increase in muscle mass, but this is the foundation that will be laid for later growth. You can also add in PEG-MGF 2x per week if you'd like. Search around professional muscle . com for some dosage schemes, we had some people trying it out over there who loved it.
    Not sure if this thread is still alive but since its a sticky then new responses should get noticed. I'm debating on whether to use Mgf or Igf. It seems as though both "supposedly" induce hyperplasia in humans. However; it appears as tho Mgf works faster in inducing hypertrophy, is this correct? I'm currently on a cycle consisting of test, tren, winny, and var so for all purposes it seems as tho Mgf may be the way to go. Is the main advantage with Igf is that it produces fat loss and vascularity, wheras Mgf doesn't? I guess if ur looking for faster growth, size then Mgf is the better option. I wish I could afford to run both. My main concern is going hypo. Idk if its best to use it pre or post workout, Mgf that is? However; following an injection of igf immediatly after exercise requires u get some fast acting carbs in, right? Then you continue eating carb/protein meals? Can somebody layout a chart of what u actually need to eat from the time of injection until carbs and protien needs are met? I haven't seen or perhaps I missed the chart with carb and protein timing. Also, if I was to use Igf I would run 40-60mcgs EOD postworkout. I'm still a bit lost as far as when or what days to inject Mgf. I saw a chart of Mgf being injected once ot twice, however; that was also in conjunction with using Igf. I just want to have my bases covered and since igf/mgf is a highly debatble and new topic, I would imagine as people experiment then doses and dosing, eating, etc...would then change. If anybody could assit me with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

  11. Good read here.. Any updates?


    They said pre only for igf lr3. Second half of shr.
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  13. Jahcuree
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    heres another good listen on IGF and MGF usage - second half of the show

  14. very educational. thanks
    growth factors and peptides can be used to enhance any cells in the body.

  15. Work outs and dosing: On MGF and IGF-lr3

    Sunday: Day off, Peg-MGF 300mcg pm
    Monday: Chest & biceps. 20mcg IGF-lr3 each chest PWO
    Tuesday: quads & abs 20mcg IGF-lr3 each quad PWO
    Wednesday: back & triceps 20mcg IGF-lr3 each lat PWO
    Thursday: shoulders, abs. 20 mcg IGF-lr3 each shoulder PWO
    Friday: prioritizations, biceps triceps superset 20mcg IGF each bicep (My triceps are huge so I wont inject them)
    Sutarday: Day off

    bf: 8-9%

    Any advice will be very appreciated!

  16. If this how people are running it here? I'm about to give Peg MGF a run at 50mcg per site, 20 sites between both arms for a total of 1mg twice per week, for 4wks.. I'll then follow up with LR3 for 4wks... all whilst running standard gear and synthol of course.
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