HGH-What Kind of Doctor

  1. HGH-What Kind of Doctor

    What kind of Doctor would one go to to have Natty HGH levels check and see about getting a script for HGH?

  2. Endocrinologist

  3. You would probably have to have a referral for nad endo with most insurances. I would try to talk to your regular doc first (go in with some info as most are not educated in this arena) about getting tested. Then go from there.

  4. My insurance will allow me to go directly to the specialist, don't need a referral from a "primary physician".

    I'm curious as to whether I've got any chance at getting a script anyway? I'm 44 in good health. I can feel however that my nat HGH is probably low (low libido, energy levels low, (when I'm not on "sups"), skin thinnning, and others).

    I'm also curious if I should "prepare" for testing...stop all work outs, IGF, supplements ect. and start eating McDonald's exclusively?

  5. I recommend a regular doc first anyways.
    In my area, not only do insurance companies operate on the referal basis, endocrinologists won't make an appointment with you, only via referal from your pcp or other physician.

  6. you should be fine going straight to an endo with your insurance

    i'd also get a test level check .. if your libido is low that could be indicative of low test levels and possibly get you on HRT


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