Viator Needs Help w/ Article on L3-IGF-1

  1. Viator Needs Help w/ Article on L3-IGF-1

    Hey all,

    I'm considering doing the next installment of "Chemically Correct" for Mind & Muscle on L3-IGF-1; if I can get enough info besides pubmed references on mice and ****. If you've used the L3 version, preferably for some length of time, I'd like to hear about it. If you've got any medical credentials that would be even better.

    Keep in mind, I'm looking for both male and female, positive and negative experiences. Most importantly, I'd like to hear from people w/ medical or research backgrounds- regardless if you've used it or not.

    I'm a moron and still haven't donated, so I can't receive PM's. Shoot me an Email or a PM over at if you'd like to help out.


  2. Ummmm,...
    Have you searched THIS board?? I do beleive there are many threds of information, research and expirences.
    MAybe a specific question or two would help for those with medical backgrounds, as Im sure no one wants to do a "generic" write-up on LR3 in general.
    Just tring to help.

    As Im not sure what your looking for exactly, I'll throw my $0.02 in and post a link to discussing a few things on the subject:

    I really dont think/know its what your looking for , but who knows. Most information can be found simply by doing a search.

  3. I know there's plenty of info here, that's what gave me the idea for the article. What I'm looking for is one or two people who've used it to actually interview, via email/PM. you can email me at: (I haven't won anything in 6 years) or PM me at AvantLabs or

  4. Three more things:

    The more experience w/ it, the better. i.e. use a/ AAS, use w/ GH or slin, use for PCT, long-term use, etc.

    You don't have to use your real name/username, especially if you've developed medical problems you attribute to the IGF.

    My deadline is Monday. If you contact me, I'll return the PM or email w/ a set of questions, feel free to add any extra comments or skip a question if it doesn't apply or you'd rather not answer it.

    Thanks, -V

  5. Chemically Correct has now been relegated to brotilligenece? sad days.

  6. ASSume Much?

    Quote Originally Posted by judge-mental
    Chemically Correct has now been relegated to brotilligenece? sad days.
    WTF are you implying? That I'm gonna write the entire article based on anecdotal evidence?

    Ever think I want to write a WELL-ROUNDED piece, that includes what we journalists like to call an "interview," -not "brotelligence" and I wound up doing it on another compound b/c I couldn't get ahold of Pat Arnold for an interview response, he's one of IGF's biggest Opponents and thinks it's carcenogenic garbage.

    Next month hopefully IGF, or possibly MGF, which looks very promising on paper, and possibly a much safer alternative to IGF.

    EDIT: Here is a hint. If you are trying to get your information/research here, don't tell people to go somewhere else. It usually pisses people off.


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