Hgh Frag peptide 177-191

  1. Hgh Frag peptide 177-191

    I'm 43 yr. old former athelete who suffered near death auto accident 8 yrs. ago. Three yrs. ago started with Hgh therapy and mild gear. I'm a family man who works out at home so out of loop on some of the new stuff. Just ordered Hgh fragment peptide 177-191. Currently running Test prop,var,T4 and lRIGF-1. Should I wait to start Hgh frag after I'm through with LRIGF-1? Also is Hgh Frag oral or injection and if injection sub-q or IM with slin dart. What is reccomended dosage for Hgh Fragment and any other tips would be appreciated. Ive tried to find info in search but was unable to find info- not lazy just ignorant. Please help-Respectively Sincere

  2. Well... one should not use any "research chemicals," as that would be illegal. However, if you are meaning as for your "research subject(s)" then the proper administration would be obtained through use of a slin dart subQ. Dosages being discussed as effective in "male mammals" are in the 100mcg to 200mcg range. Hope this aid your research.

  3. Smile

    Thanx my pet spider monkey will appreciate the proper procedure.

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