Interesting IGF article for those who are injured...

  1. Interesting IGF article for those who are injured...

    Department of Orthopaedics, University of Aberdeen, IMS Building, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD, UK.

    This study investigates the separate and combined effects of IGF-1 and mechanical loads on chondrocytes in elderly human femoral head articular cartilage. Full depth biopsies of articular cartilage were subjected to either no load, static or cyclic (2s on/2s off) loading in unconfined compression at a stress of 1 MPa for 48 h with or without IGF-1 (300 ng ml(-1)). Chondrocyte biosynthetic activity was measured using (35)S-sulphate and (3)H-leucine during the last 24 h of loading. IGF-1 alone increased the rates of isotope incorporation, by 80% for (35)S-SO(4) and 40% for (3)H-leucine, whereas loading alone reduced matrix biosynthesis. Applying load (cyclic or static) in the presence of IGF-1 returned the incorporation rates to their unstimulated levels. This study suggests elderly human articular cartilage is responsive to stimulation by IGF-1 but mechanical factors seem to act sufficiently strongly in the opposite direction to cancel this response.

  2. That's pretty interesting. Heavy mechanical load seems to delete some of the benefit..if I am reading that correctly.

  3. That is sorta how I read it, which kind of scares me considering I have been doing that to help heal my injury. Seems the LR3 version of IGF-1 might help out quite a bit in this area, since I believe they are referring to to plain igf in that case.

  4. That's probably the case as regular IGF-1 has an incredibly short half life and retention time...this study is probably pointing out why that is.

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