1. 20K-hGH

    Thought you all might enjoy.... I wonder who else has seen this

    The 20-kD human growth hormone reduces body fat by increasing lipolysis and decreasing lipoprotein lipase activity.
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    Horm Res. 2002; 58(4):157-64 (ISSN: 0301-0163)
    Takahashi S; Satozawa N
    Drug Discovery Institute, Nihon Schering K.K., Mobara, Japan.

    AIM: The aim of this study was to estimate the lipolytic activity of the human growth hormone variant, 20-kD human growth hormone (20K-hGH). METHODS: Obese KV-A(y) mice were given daily subcutaneous injections of 20K-hGH (0.25, 0.5, 1.0 mg/kg), 22K-hGH (0.25 mg/kg) or saline as a control for 2 weeks. Body composition (fat, water and protein), lipolysis and lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity were measured 24 h after the final injection. RESULTS: Both growth hormone isoforms significantly reduced relative fat pad and whole body lipids. In addition, 20K-hGH produced an inhibition of LPL activity in adipose tissue and stimulated lipolysis in adipocytes. CONCLUSION: These data strongly suggest that inhibition of LPL activity in adipose tissue and stimulation of lipolysis in adipocytes by 20K-hGH treatment reduce adipose tissue mass, resulting in body fat reduction.


    ALSO INTERESTING,.. In case your looking to ,.. well, do with it what ya will

    The amount of human growth hormone (HGH) decreases significantly after the age of 30. This decrease has been implicated as one of the major causes in the signs of aging, such as thinning of the skin and bones, a decrease in lean muscle mass and an increase in adipose tissue. Supplementing the body's dwindling supply with recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH) has been shown to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging. However, drawbacks in rHGH replacement therapy include prohibitively high cost, the need for repeated injection and side effects such as carpel tunnel syndrome, gynecomastia and insulin resistance. The purpose of this study was to establish an in vitro model using genetically-engineered keratinocytes to screen natural compounds for the ability to stimulate HGH secretion. We now report that a combination of equal amounts of L-arginine and L-lysine, aged garlic extract (Kyolic), S-allyl cysteine and Pycnogenol significantly increased secretion of HGH in this in vitro model. The data indicate that this in vitro model may be used to screen for other secretagogues.

    Last one I promise - New Week long GH stimulation:

    A novel sustained release formulation of recombinant human growth hormone (SR-rhGH) was developed as a once-a-week injection formulation using sodium hyaluronate. SR-rhGH was produced in the form of solid microparticles by spray drying technology. A single administration of a prototype formulation of SR-rhGH with a ratio of hGH:HA=1:1 to cynomolgus monkeys through a fine 26-gauge needle induced continuous elevation of serum IGF-I level for 6 days demonstrating the bioactivity of hGH released from the prototype formulation. For expanded pre-clinical and clinical developments, a pilot-scale process under aseptic ....


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