Insulin with fruit and bake potato not dextrose

  1. Insulin with fruit and bake potato not dextrose

    Some guy at work told me he got bigger and leaner on Insulin. He said he ate a apple frist then later(10-20mins) some bake potatos for carbs atfer the frist shot in the morrning and again later in the day like 4 hours before bed. he also mention a guy he knew took dextrose or table surgar for carbs and got bigger but also fatter. I would like to know if frui and potatos are better then dextrose b/c I have some IGF-1 R3 and was thinking of taking insulin with it for morrning and PWO.

  2. There are too many potential variables here...

    You have two different people (two different physiologies) and probably two different diets.

    Fat gain comes from excess calories. Consume too much dextrose, potato, or apple and you will inevitably have some fat gain. Stick to a meal plan that suits your goals.

    One difference is that potatoes and apples are whole foods whereas dextrose is refined glucose. Something that they put in sodas and candies; you decide which is better for you.

  3. Insulin isn't something to be taken lightly. It's something that if a mistake is made can actually kill you. Besides that, on it's own, it isn't worth the hassle bodybuilding-wise. It's general used alongside a number of other drugs. In my opinion, if you're not an elite level bodybuilder or pro, why bother with it when you can just stick to gear and grow?

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