good place to get GH or Igf1

  1. good place to get GH or Igf1

    Me and my brother are looking to take some GH or IGF1 this summer. we are also going to take some SD. I was wondering where is the best place to get GH or igf1. i have already found a couple of sites for SD.

  2. In before the lock.

  3. IGF-1 = board sponsors i.e. look around
    GH - Perscription (good luck)

    Technically, you just asked for a source, so that is source posting. Read the rules bro, no source posting is allowed. It is illegal to use Human Growth Hormone without a prescription. Spend more time reading.

  4. well you can get GH from anti-aging clinic...........

  5. Here comes MD and the clown baby At least you made it to 3 posts before

  6. I am going to take a wild guess that if you havent found somewhere to get IGF you probably havent done much research on its use either.

    SD is a great supp but I certainly hope for your own good you have read and understand the proper support you need to protect your liver and lipids.

    Lastly if you are as young as I think you are from your post you might want to reconsider all of these things. If I am wrong about your age my apologies but you still need to learn a LOT before you move forward with this stuff.

  7. 3.......2.......1...... !Kickban Gimli197 read the rules ass-hat!
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  8. wow...still up
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  10. Research will be very helpful in your quest for information. Read board rules stickies one time...and remember them for future use.

  11. sorry a little slow on Sunday morning..
    warning one

  12. I think it's a '40-some-thing'

  13. lol.. well that it might be..


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