I just finished a three month run of jin hgh at 5ius ed split into two doses. I'm also on TRT does of test cyp. Every now and then, I'll use some insulin at 5-10ius pwo. I'm 5'11'' @ 225 lbs and approx. 15% bf. Literally two days after ending my HGH cycle, my hands and feet are puffed up like the Pillsbury dough boy to the point that my shoes don't really fit and my knuckles click into place like an action figure. I know from experience and reading boards that HGH can cause you to retain water while it is active in your system, but I also know the half-life of Hgh is amazingly short (3-5 hours). What is causing the puffiness? Is it post-cycle water retention? I'm also feeling lethargic, as if I'd just taken a large morning dose of hgh. Is this my pituitary over-compensating for the absence of exogenous hgh? Any thoughts or experience in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks.