Observations on second run, increased dosage.

  1. Observations on second run, increased dosage.

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I finished a 25 day run of LR3 at 80mcg/d. This was my second run, and I doubled the dosage this time.

    I saw no noticeable additional benefits compared to my previous run of 40mcg/d. Both times I gained size in my traps and calves, and leaned out considerably. I think I'll go back to 40mcg next time... maybe run it a full 5 weeks to test the efficacy at that timeframe.

    Merry Christmachanuckakwanzas

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    Both times I gained size in my traps and calves
    So that is where you were injecting it?

  3. I injected into the muscles trained, post workout. I would alternate between my delts and traps on shoulder day. Same with quads and calves on leg day. I probably gained in all areas, but it was more noticeable in my calves and traps is all. My off days I would more often than not pin my calves.

  4. Did you pin ED, or just a few times a week?

    I have been wondering if just pinnin' selective body parts on the days you train them (say, twice a week) provides noticable results. Since you would use less IGF on the whole, allowing a particular area(s) to receive maybe twice the amount of local inj.'s

  5. I pinned ED..



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