how many people think pgh or oratropin or hexatropin are dangerous?

  1. how many people think pgh or oratropin or hexatropin are dangerous?

    how many people think pgh or oratropin or hexatropin are dangerous? just curious. i've done aas before but this **** freaks me out somewhat.

  2. Why does it freak you out?

  3. really, dude - what's freakin' your ****?

  4. Perhaps he has heard about the possibilities of growth hormone and increase tumor or internal body parts?

    Dunno, but the doses for that is quite high; i dont think that IBE really advocates taking doses that 'high'.
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  5. i plan on doing xfactor for 20 days, then doing oratropin+xfactor for 30 days, then a 30 day cycle of 15mg m4ohn + 10mg superdrol, and then oratropin1 for 30 days afterward during pct (40/30/20/10 nolva). during this whole period i will also be running p-gh, perhaps continuing after pct assuming i'm still alive .. lol. btw: i'm in my mid 20s and have done 3 AAS cycles ...

    okay well what are the rules for these products under these circumstances (assuming i haven't already made a huge error--which is why i'm asking you guys)... oratropin-1 i plan on using 1 oral dose every two days... what time should i take it and what should i eat/not eat before and after the dosages.

    the pgh (from ukits) i understand you're supposed to do .25 ml in the morning and .25 ml in the evening 5 on /2 off ... is it possible to just to .33 ml in evenings only 7 days/week or perhaps .50 ml in the evenings only 5 on/2 off? the reason i ask is because i tried GBL back when it was legal which (I believe (?)) activated a similar mechanism and it always made me want to pass right out.

    again, assuming i have the times right, what should i eat/not eat before and after the dosages? i've heard gh works best with a bit of an insulin spike so would you recommend high glycemic carbs with it and if so how much and when? this makes me think the best time to take the daytime dosage would be after a workout but maybe my reasoning is wrong. perhaps the morning dose + high glycemic carbs would create a better spike ... i'd also assume then that you should fast for like 2 hours before the evening dose and take it with some high glycemic carbs.

    anyways thanks for helping me with this ... apologies for any mistakes or disinfo in here ... as a disclaimer, i don't recommend anyone else try this.

  6. Looks good to me, if you know what you are doing wtih your methyls... Dosages are low, so risks on 30 days should be reasonable. Run NAC & CoQ10 during your methyls, among other ancillaries, of course.

    You won't feel like passing out from the p-GH. I've done GHB, of which GBL is a precursor and THAT knocked me out good, but I'm doing p-GH .25ml 2x ED and I'm doing good, no knock-out at all.

    Do take days off the p-GH. Wether is 5/2 or 4/3 is up to you, but there is a split between users recommending 5/2 or 4/3. Virtually no one likes 6/1 or 7/0 after any kind of duration, so that tells you something right there...

  7. okay cool ... thanks for the affirmation ... so i guess i'll do pgh in the morning and pgh/oratropin before bed. any comments on what to eat/not eat before/after pgh or oratropin? i guess you're not supposed to drink water for 1hr after taking ora.

  8. Yeh the tropins have guidelines that way that must be complied with in order to get the most out of the product. For p-GH just eat whatever.

  9. I do have one concern regarding oratropin, IBE claims it passes the blood brain barrier

    is nobody else concerned about this possibly causing the brain to grow too big causing a perma-concussion?

    perhaps I'm freaking out and maybe this could actually do a lot of good for people, ie alzheimers, alcoholics, people w/ brain damage in general.

    or perhaps there are no IGF receptors in the brain?

    anyone have any input?

  10. don't know much about neurons do you?

  11. from what i understand brain cells dont divide at all really ...

    can anyone tell me what the guidelines are for oratropin?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    don't know much about neurons do you?
    obviously, so i'm assuming its not an issue here?

  13. IBE has consistently stressed AM dosing for Oratropin.

    I think this makes sense because Oratopin is exogenous IGF-1; taking it in the AM means it's less likely to affect endogenous IGF-1 release - which occurs roughly 90 minutes after falling asleep.

    PM dosing OTOH would seem most likely to suppress your own GH-release rhythms. It's also true that the "cell-mediated", semi-time-release delivery system makes it difficult to predict . Heck, it may be, given the 24-48 hour release period, that only the timing of the initial dose matters (welcome to the wonderful world of research!)....

    more notes: I don't think it matters what you eat or drink before (assuming they're food, beverage, that sort of thing), but to do it while you've got that stuff spread around in your mouth would be stupid: it takes an hour to absorb, and it needs to stay on the oral/pharyngeal mucosa, relatively undisturbed, during that hour. eating & drinking would scrape it off & wash it down & out.

    What to eat after that hour? Up to you: see what you feel like, I guess.

  14. I've been dosing OT when I get up to piss (the first time). I felt lethargic when I dosed in the morning. I still have that full pumped feeling that I did when I morning dosed. Just my experience thus far.


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