A few questions on r3igf-1

  1. Question A few questions on r3igf-1

    When I inject sometimes it bleed, other times it doesn't. I think I do the same thing everytime...what is the best injection method, insert needle slowly, fast? Do you inject the igf slowly or fast?

    Also, last time I injected my tricept, it formed a big bubble under my skin that took hours to go away...same thing happened on my shoulder! Why?

    Last question...Do you all get ALL the air bubbles out before injecting? I try to but it seems like I have to tap the needle a million times to get ALL the tiny air bubbles out...is this neccesary? I dont want to ruin the igf by flicking the needle a million times to get every little air bubble out if I dont need to.

    Thanks for the help! I know these may sound like dumb questions but....hey, I don't claim to be the smartest tool in the shed


  2. small amount of air bubbles won't hurt ya. just aspirate if you're nervous. but from what i've read, it takes ~30ml's of air directly into a vein to be fatal.

    i never bled from IGF injections but i did notice that on the thicker skin areas(like shoulders), the IGF would sometimes leak out. when i switched to thinner skin areas, like bi's and chest, i didn't have that problem anymore.

  3. Do you inject fast or slowly?
    Thanks for the reply!

  4. Hypothetically, I backload the syringe with B12. Then I put about 40 mcg's of LR3IGF-1 in the front end. I inject post workout. If it's chest day, I inject directly into my chest IM, biceps, then inject directly into my biceps IM. Also, I only put about 100mcg or less of B12. Keep the volume of fluid a bit lower and it won't "knot up." My first couple of injects I also had knots under the skin. It was because I was injecting 1 ML of bact. water with the IGF. That's a bit of fluid to have only .5" under the skin.

    If you're bleeding, it could be from just nicking cappillaries, etc. If it is a bit of volume, your injecting in the wrong position most likely and should aspirate.

    Try IM injects instead of SQ. They are more effective (IMHO - in my humble opinion) and don't have the same "knotting" effect.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by workin2005
    Do you inject fast or slowly?
    Thanks for the reply!
    done both, didn't make a difference in any case. oh, i used calves before too with no issues. i'm assuming you're going IM, that's what i did. like the other dude mentioned, if you bleed, you most likely hit a small vein or capillary. as long as you aspirate you're good to go and don't have **** to worry about. on occasion, i'll still knick a vein and bleed afterwards, nothing to worry about as long as you don't aspirate blood.


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