IGF-1 and Blood Pressure

  1. IGF-1 and Heart Muscle Hyperplasia

    1) Will IGF-1 perpetuate an increase or a decrease in blood pressure, or will it have no effect.

    2) Also, due to IGF-1's ability to induce hyperplasia, is it not possible, if not probable, that it could lead to hyperplasia in heart muscle cells as well, and then combined with AAS, cause an enlargement or thickening of the heart muscle?

    I assume that #2 depends a great deal on the dose/response relationship, but is it still nonetheless possible if not probable?
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  2. bump for answers

  3. bump to this, very interesting question pax.

  4. Bump* that is a good question. More specifically about the heart is what interest me. I know IGF is a growth factor and cause everything but the brains and eyeballs to grow so I think that must include your heart, For my sake I hope very very very little.

  5. I've found some studies, in rats of course, which would seem to indicate that IGF-1 usage actually helped to restore some heart function. However, I am not a chemist and understand little of what jibbrish doctors write in their studies, and this study was done on rats. Some of us don't always use rats for research!

    Someone who is knowledgeable help out here!!

  6. Elevated Blood Pressure and Enhanced Myocardial Contractility in Mice with Severe IGF-1 Deficiency

    Here is source for info on this.


  7. Since I'm not a mouse, but I am a big user of HGH and IGF-1, best bet is routine bloodwork, chest x-rays, and if you're really paranoid, echocardiograms. You only need the last one if you are symptomatic (reduced cardiac function).

    I'm not going to lie though, as unethical as it is, it's difficult to find a physician that will perform things like routine chest x-rays and other expensive tests to admitted steroid users. I've had a few friends turned away for serial bloodwork.


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