Length of an IGF-1 cycle

  1. Length of an IGF-1 cycle

    There's been mention of IGF-1 results stopping after 40, 50 and 60 days, thus leading most users to limit the lenght of time they're on it. Well for me what limits me the most is money but that's another story.

    I'm reading another board and a lot of guys recommend 8, 12 weeks on IGF-1. Now they are mostly using receptor grade instead of media grade which is what we mostly have access to, so do I believe. Their logic for this is that most of the effects of hGH are mediated through IGF-1 and in their terms "you don't stop GH after 4 weeks, do you?" Nope, that's not the way GH is run. So... Could that be from the difference between receptor grade and media grade?

    Anectodally, an old and now largely unavailable recipe for us in North America that replaces IGF-1 very nicely is the use of GH releasers along with an insulin releaser. As we know, GH + slin = IGF-1 through the magic of your friend Liver. This was mostly accomplished by using GHB, a great gh releaser, taken in a very sugary solution, which of course releases insulin. In the UK, and there may be some british members of this board, this is still widely done because it is a VERY inexpensive way to increase your IGF-1 production. I haven't tried this with Hexatropin or p-GH although my morning p-GH is immediately followed by a meal, which does release insulin. I have done the GHB & sugar thing, at high doses, for 10 consecutive months and my gains were very nice. I seemed like a gifted natural trainee rather than a juicer, gradually putting it on, more size than strength.

    Now if my little IGF-1 recipe had stopped working after 6 or 8 weeks, there's no way I would have kept it up. Waking up in the middle of the night for my second GHB dose was quite the thing I tell you. But it was worth it IMO. So the question remains and can be summed up as this : how much evidence is there that results from IGF-1 administration diminish and stop after 6-8 weeks, and is this possibly related to a difference between media/receptor grades formulations?

  2. one month on, one off, etc.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by milwood
    one month on, one off, etc.
    I second that.
  4. receptor grade r3-igf-1

    What is the difference between receptor grade, and media grade?
    There is a web site claiming to sell TRUE receptor grade r3igf-1. They are selling it for $250 per mg! Insane! That means each cycle would be HUNDREADS of dollars more! Is it really that much better?

  5. WOW receptor grade for $250.

    They must have a better source than I. If I buy 10 grand worth I still pay HUNDREDS more per mg.

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  6. Cool

    So is it really that much better?
    What would the dosage be....same as media grade r3igf-1?

  7. "One month on, one month off". Yeh I know. A lot of guys recommend that too. BUT really, where's the SCIENCE backing this up? To me, this has as much evidence as "pre-reconstituted IGF-1 is crap".

    I feel you can't go wrong running it this way, so I agree this is good advice. But I'm trying to find deeper reasons... If there are any.

  8. There seems to be sketchy, if any, scientific studies backing anything up in regards to this substance, as it relates to all I have tried to nail down. Lots of guesswork and anecdotal evidence I think.

  9. personally, IGF worked 10days for me - the next 10days I saw and felt nothing. Those first ten were pretty dramatic though
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  10. been looking into this media vs rec grade lately. I believe Palumbo was referring to receptor grade when he mentioned staying in at 20-40 mcg daily. Many say you need 60-100 with the media grade...

  11. Anyone used receptor grade? Notice a difference? Just wondering if it's worth the cost?

  12. IGF-1 is really the kind of thing that people can do claims, like "receptor-grade" and charge more for it and even when it's false, who's going to know?

    It's not like you're going to send a mg to some lab and pay 500$ for a test to know that your mg WAS actually receptor-grade. It might be worth it for, say, MR to do that, but not for anyone else.

    This is the kind of market that lends itself to those kinds of hoaxes pretty well. IMO ordering from a trusted bro like CROWLER who's been on this board forever or MR, those are good choices.

    But I'm still wondering about the original question about scientific evidence for the short IGF-1 cycles...

    OK let's do this: Some IGF-1 seller send me 8mg and I'll keep dosing it @ 40mcg ED until I run out and run a log.

  13. grunt, i am doing a 4 week SD cycle in jan and running a 15 day 1-ora cycle included included in my first weeks of PCT so i could log it and tell u. however ive never used IGFs and i am 21 so that is why i decided just to buy one kit....i dont know if itll help, but either way ill be doing a log.


  14. Superset, you should probably buy another kit. All the feeback says 2 is where its at. 2 kits = more than 1+1. With how much you've already invested, it will probably make for a much more effective cycle.

    Just a thought.
  15. Wink

    I say go with at least 3 kits...you usually can get a discount at that much and it should make for a more effective cycle....I think your cost to benifit ratio would go up greatly

  16. yea the more i think about what u guys are saying the more i agree. thanks guys


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