Lets finally get to the bottom of this. HGH and Water!!!!

  1. Lets finally get to the bottom of this. HGH and Water!!!!

    Why the hell do so many people hold tremendous amount of water while on GH. Especially in doses of 4iu's+ i've noticed its too much water. I've tried cabergoline to reduce prolactin and nolva for estro, but there is another reason why some of us hold so much damn water. Check this article out. Maybe it makes sense. Anyone know whats up. Im thinking the water is potassium related. Maybe there is a way to stop this. Check this article out. Maybe it might make sense.
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    I had a discussion on another board about what causes the water retention from HGH and what can be done about it. Doctor Speer thinks that it is caused by ADH and be controlled with Clonidine. "Rager 2500" thinks the water retention is caused by Renin Angiotenisen Aldesterone and can be controlled by using captopril in combination with a mild thiazide.

    Originally Posted by dr. livingstone

    Doctor David Speer thinks the water retention from HGH is caused by an increased release of ADH:

    "The water retension from HGH is due to increased secretion of ADH (anti- diuretic hormone) from the posterior pituitary.
    This hormonal relationship is not in any medical literature. However, it must be true, because the water retension and hypertension are easily controlled by .2mg of clonidine q 12 hours (personal experience). Clonidine's primary action is retarding ADH secretion."


    "Growth hormone, however, causes A.D.H. (Anti-Diuretic Hormone) to go up. ADH is a very potent coronary constrictor which also constricts veins. It is produced starting in the hypothalamus. The nerve endings of certain neurons in the hypothalamus reach into the posterior pituitary, and ADH and oxicitocin come from the posterior pituitary. ADH can go up to 20 times normal levels with fear, or anger, and stress. This can cause coronary constriction within minutes, and this can cause a massive heart attack.
    Growth hormone makes ADH go up, and as a direct effect of this, water retention goes up, which causes higher blood pressure. ADH is dose dependent of GH, which is why you have to drop the dose if blood pressure goes up too high, until your circulatory system adjusts to handle it. This is the only bad side effect of an otherwise very good dose of growth hormone.
    "Clonidine" is the safest high blood pressure medicine. It causes no side effects, and no impotency of any kind. It is indicated if you have high blood pressure due to ADH."


    Rager 2500:

    I found his article as well when I was searching. The thing is, he has no medical research behind it to support his theory. I found 3 articles to support the idea of Renin Angiotenisen Aldesterone is responsible for HGH water bloat. They general idea was to take a blood pressure medication like clonidine, diovan, etc to ensure the blockage of the Angiotensin receptor. The only problem is, blood pressure meds are classified differently such as clonidine and diovan being ARB blockers and captopril being an ACE blocker. Well, it works out that we need the ACE blocker which blocks the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme. Anyways the studies show that you need an ACE blocker with something that blocks the aldesterone pathway like a thiazide dierutic. We had clonidine on hand first, but couldnt figure out why it wasnt working. Thats when we did a further search and found what I posted above. I've tried dostinex (prolactin), clonidine, diovan, and cozzar(all ARB blockers). The only thing that has dried my training partner and I are the captopril with a mild thiazide. I dont try to come off as a HGH guru, just trying to help some bros out here that have been experiencing the problems. Dr. Speer was on the right track, just never did any studies to back it up. Hope this helps Livingstone. I always loved Jins cause of the price and quality, but never wanted to deal with the water bloat.

  2. Bump. Someone's gotta know how to keep the water off.

  3. No help for you, but bump for a good thread.
  4. Cool

    Does Hexatropin or ectotopin cause water retention as well?

  5. I take a maxzide-25 (triamterene-potassium-sparing diuretic/hydrochlorothiazide) eod and my water retention problems are gone.

  6. How long have you been doing this?
    Any sides?

  7. I've been on the GH 2 months and started the maxzide about a month ago. A mild diuretic. The only side effect for me is a couple extra trips to the mens room in the morning. It really helps out the swelling I was getting in my hands.
  8. Cool

    I wish some of our friendly research xompanies would sell this so I could test it on my Rat?!

  9. I think I may try RU486. I think the raises in prolactin(combated by cabergoline or bromo) and especially the raise in prolactin(combated by ru486) is a big part in water retention from HGH as well as tren and deca.

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  11. Watsup guys was wondering if anyone came to any conclusions about this i know its a real old post but im having the same problems with water retention and the G so i really need the help. Any advice is really appreciated


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