Sweating on igf-1

  1. Sweating on igf-1

    I've run igf-1 before and I'm pretty sure I recall it causing some pretty serious sweating. I'm running it again at 20-40 mcgs ed and I've noticed it on the second day! I was working with my boss (who is FAT!) and he's normally the sweat ball. Instead I was the one dripping all over, I'm waiting on the body recomp effects.

  2. You need to up the carbs, you're going hypoglycemic

  3. I don't get that with IGF.. and I cycle carbs.. some days using I'm low-low carb.. no hypo signs.. ok once, I got dizzy and a wave of nausea passed quickly, but other than that.. nope..

    different strokes for different folks methinks.

  4. it hits some guys harder than others. sounds like hypo though. igf didn't do dick for me except piss me off......reason being = 200 bucks for nothing.

  5. Beelz, that is b/c you should have pinned about 100mcg bilaterally...


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Beelz, that is b/c you should have pinned about 100mcg bilaterally...

    possibly. that **** gets expensive though.

  7. I've been pinning 40mg when I wake up and 40mg w/6iu of slin after working out. I'm 7 days in and already noticing physical changes. Wish my damn hgh would show up...

  8. Hmm, that's happened a good 2-3 times now. How bad is that for me? Btw I dont' get dizzy.


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