Gotta switch HGH's. Need advice!!!

  1. Gotta switch HGH's. Need advice!!!

    I origanally planned on using 6 IU's of serostim with my cycle but due to money and source issues I'm going to have to switch to jino's. They're coming straight from china. Is this still a good HGH? Are serostim that much better? Are they the same aa chain? Will this be fine? thanks

  2. Been with Jin for almost a year now, and have saved a ton of money in comparison to other types of Hgh. I did not notice any difference between the two except the cost. But in as far as the actual breakdown of AAs' I dont know. I hope this helps.

  3. The Jins are the shizzle. Very potent if they get to you without having been mishandled (exposed to heat, light, etc.). 6 ius a day will kick your ass! (In a good way, that is).

  4. i have always heard good feedback on Jinos.

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