PGF observations

  1. PGF observations

    I'm getting ready for a show and added in PGF. Here's some things I've notice (at least with me) any feed back would be great:
    1. I am up to 25 units (1.25 mg) at a time with no soreness now 4- 6 times a day
    2. If I use it on a low carb diet, it does not give me any negative digestive effects (gas or diarhea)
    3. If I have any carbs in my system, it sends me straight to the bathroom.
    4. I notice almost immediate improvement in the muscle, but it tends to fade if I don't continue in the same muscle after a few days
    5. I have also tried sub q b/c I was told it would destroy the fat cell there but really haven't noticed much

    Anyone else have thoughts , ideas, or similar results?

  2. Interesting about the carbs.

    How long have you been using the pgf?

    What is your stats H/W?

  3. 2 weeks going on 3rd
    5'10" 204 today in am with no carbs
    3 weeks out
  4. Unhappy

    Wow 4 percent BF?

    That sounds dangerously low?

    Im wondering if the sub q shots arent doin it for you because you dont have any fat cells to kill.

    Are you bulking or cutting?

  5. If he's 3 weeks out I'm assumi that means from a contest. Which means cutting.

  6. PGF w0t? Do you mean p-GH?

  7. I thought he meant PGF2a. ProstaGlandin F 2 alpha

  8. Me too

  9. Oh yah, my bad. PGF-2a. Allright I'm shutting up now.

  10. what else are you taking for the show? All the early material I read about PGF2a seem to agree that AAS w pgf2a was a bad idea. (something about the pump being so intense you couldnt train properly) But when I overlapped the last week of an anavar/superdrol and continued into pct, I didnt notice anything out of the ordinary during the last week of var. I wonder if the whole notion of it not working well with AAS was just speculation.BTW, I dosed it almost exactly double the protocol you just mentioned. (I used 24 units (1.2mgs) PER SIDE 4-6x's per day.)


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