GH/IGF and traveling

  1. GH/IGF and traveling

    guys, fr ED cycles like GH IGF what do you do? prepare filled syringes with IGF and take them with me in a cold container? Im goign for 5 days to glenwood springs, hiking and lady friend ;-) and don't want to stop the IGF and hopefully will start GH several days before...

    praticality needed

  2. you'd be better off not mixing until you get to your destination....or use the redi-quik syringes.

  3. I dont mix - my IGF is premixed. what are ready quik syringes? also I don't want to carry the vial with me right?

  4. what about reconstituted GH how long can it keep in room temp? (traveling)

  5. Theres always some degree of risk in flying with GH/gear, but heres what Id do. Get a reusable ice pack (from wallgreens or CVS) the kind you put in the freezer before you leave, and get a little beverage sized soft pouch cooler, probably at outdoor world or somewhere like that. (they are about big enough to fit a shaker bottle or two in. And when you leave for the airport put the GH and IGF and the reusable freeze bag (prefferably not real ice!) and put them in the pouch, and zip them up.You can put a well sealed beverage in there to if you choose, that may or may not make it seem less suspicious in the off chance it is searched. Of course youre going to want to either take your dose for that day before you pack them or wait until you get to your destination. Then put the pouch in your check in bag, not the carry on. And when you get to where your going put them in a fridge as soon as you have a chance. Disclaimer:there really isnt a garuntee that your check in luggage wont be searched, but you know their going to search your carry on because they always do.
    If your going hiking just for the day, simply take the daily dose before you leave. If your hiking overnight and dont want to bring the vials then get two pen case style one dose holders from the drug store, (either for insulin or epinephrine, the latter are often sold as "epinephrine emergency kits"). then put those in your cooler wich Im sure you will have anyway if your hiking overnight. Hope that helps.....Peace

  6. May I make a suggestion here? I would not put that in either checked baggage or carry on.My checked bags have been checked countless times. I would get it labeled as insulin somehow from maybe a cool doctor(script type label on pretty glass vial). and I would ask a diabetic friend how they have traveled with their insulin, needles etc..... Maybe they can loan you some extra diabetic supplies for extra insurance. Oh yea, carry candy bars too.


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