igf-1 in place of hcg for pct

  1. igf-1 in place of hcg for pct

    i finished a suppressive 13 week cycle which left my total test at 132ng/dl. in 3 weeks using igf-1 40ug/day, nolva 50mg/day 2 weeks and 25mg/day i week, fenugreek 3-4 g ed and total test after only 3 weeks was 793! range is 241-827 and being 38 i was pretty pleased. imo, igf-1 increases testicular size which makes it easier for nolva and fenu to do their jobs.

    i think next cycle i will do a 17 weeker and this is not the 1st time that i've had great pct results using that trio. and for the record my last cycle was: prop 1-13 700mg/wk, 1-test cyp 1-11 600/wk, m-dien/mohn 40mg each ed weeks 1-8, tren ace 6-13 440/wk, and mdht 100 mg ed weeks 9-13

  2. are you using ibe's igf-1?

  3. no and not mr's either

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